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Improving the world through education

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Who we are

A virtual school

We are an online school that enables motivated students worldwide to achieve a variety of
academic goals both through one-on-one and group learning.

At One School, we believe that any child can exceed their wildest expectations through hard
work, determination, and support.

Our courses focus on the core subjects of English, Maths, and Science. Each course has the goal
of helping students not only understand and master subject knowledge, but also to develop
good study habits, and gain the confidence to tackle challenges outside their comfort zone.
All our courses are designed to meet the specification of the UK National Curriculum, and can
be tailored to meet individual goals.

Parents come to us to support their children with school performance, exam preparation,
academic guidance, and entry to competitive schools.

Our mission

Improving the world through education

Our mission is to prepare students to become independent learners and problem solvers.


We believe that learning never stops, and we focus on helping students gain the fundamental skills to transfer their classroom learning to all parts of their lives.

We aim to instil in our students the understanding that academic results are the product of hard work and a positive mindset. We prepare students to apply this combination of academic excellence and character development to tackle challenges inside and outside the classroom.

We support students across the world in their pursuit of excellence as they grow and lead fulfilling lives.

We aim for our students to have confidence in the decisions they make, to be able to assess critically any situation, and to hold themselves accountable for their own actions.

We believe every student should be certain in their capability of contributing meaningfully to a better world.


Meet some of our teachers

We work with experienced teachers who have the desire to influence and impact the education of young people across the world. They are committed educators who guide their students to achieve their goals.

Mr. Steve E.

I have taught English literature and History, as well as being head of English & Humanities departments, for over 25 years at various schools in the US. I fell in love with teaching many years ago because every lesson taught me something new, and introduced me to incredible, sometimes challenging, students. To this day, it keeps my mind focused and young at heart.

Ms. Aoife N.

I love to teach and help students to learn in fun and engaging lessons. I encourage discussion and enjoy challenging my students to think critically during lessons. I aim to enable students to become independent and logical thinkers. I like to provide a positive and encouraging environment in my lessons, one in which a student feels supported and motivated, even when things get challenging.

Teaching with One School has been a fantastic experience from start to finish. The commitment from everyone to create the optimal learning experience for the students has been especially impressive. I have also felt that my teaching skills have improved dramatically through the regular feedback and coaching that I have received.

 Mr. Patrick B.

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